DPD arrests felon accused of shooting incident

Dec 1, 2017

Dillingham police were called to a Kanakanak Road residence late Monday, Nov. 27, on a report that 34-year-old John Nicholson was intoxicated, shooting a handgun off in the house, and threatening others.

DPD said the responding officer was denied entry that night, but several officers went back the following day with a warrant. No one, DPD said, had been injured by the shooting.

The house, opposite of Chuthmok Road, serves as a summer home for fisherman Doc Nicholson, the defendant’s father.

During a search, three handguns and an assault rifle were found and seized, as Nicholson, the occupant at the house, has a felony conviction on his record. Police also found spent shell casings on the floor and a number of bullet holes in the ceiling.

Witnesses present the night before told police that Nicholson was inebriated and began waving the gun around, firing it off. One of the others in the room, feeling threatened by the shooting, punched Nicholson.

Police observed bruising on Nicholson’s face and neck the following day. He denied possessing the guns and acting in a hostile way at the get-together the night before, and said he wasn’t sure why the other man had assaulted him.

One of the handguns had been reported stolen out of Anchorage, said police.

Nicholson was booked on two weapons misconduct charges, and one count of third degree assault.