Dillingham man arrested for allegedly striking woman with splitting maul

Oct 2, 2018

Zackariah Huffman, 34, allegedly forced entry into a woman’s home, threw a cooler at her head, kicked her in the face and struck her with the blunt end of a splitting maul. Huffman told law enforcement he did not assault the woman.

Late Friday night, Alaska State Troopers in Dillingham received a report that a woman in Aleknagik had been assaulted.

The victim and a witness described an event to law enforcement in which four people arrived at their home, asking for the whereabouts of a person who was not there. The victim alleged that Zackariah Huffman of Dillingham, 34, forced entry into her home. When she told him to leave, the victim said Huffman threw a cooler at her head and, after she fell down, kicked her in the face and struck her in the head with the blunt side of a splitting maul. Then he and the other three people who came to the house with him left in the same car.

Dillingham police responded to a call about two hours later. Two of the people who had been with Huffman at the Aleknagik victim’s house alleged that he assaulted them at a house in Dillingham, punching and shoving them. Police detained Huffman.

When an Alaska State Trooper arrived and asked him about the alleged incident in Aleknagik, he denied assaulting the woman. Huffman was arrested, and troopers say that during the arrest he repeatedly threatened to hurt and kick a law enforcement officer. Huffman faces five felony charges, one for burglary and four for assault. He is also charged with resisting arrest, a misdemeanor. 

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