Construction on new boat ramp underway in Dillingham

Sep 17, 2018

Construction of Dillingham's new boat ramp for large vessels should be completed by winter.

Bristol Construction Services is working on a new boat ramp and pad in Dillingham.
Credit Isabelle Ross/KDLG

The new vessel haul out spot near the fuel farm at the end of Scandinavian Creek Road in Dillingham belongs to the Bristol Bay Native Corporation.

“They essentially are going to be working on both the east and west sides of the tank farm so that they’re both better situated for haul out of vessels or other materials going on or off barges," said Daniel Cheyette, BBNC’s vice president of Lands and Resources.

Construction on the vessel haul out pad.
Credit Isabelle Ross/KDLG

"There is the potential for future development. It is a much larger parcel than what’s being worked on currently, so there’s the potential to do other things on the other uplands. But right now, what we’re working on are just those areas kind of immediately adjacent to the Nushagak.”

Once completed, companies will be able to haul out tugs, tenders, and barges for winter storage, as well as to transport goods off barges. There will also be the option to haul out damaged vessels. BBNC hopes the ramp will generate more economic opportunity.

Construction is underway on a ramp and pad, which will cost around a million dollars. According to Cheyette, further development of the plot will likely include erosion control and bank stabilization. BBNC plans to have the work completed by the winter.

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