Bristol Bay and Beyond, Mar. 17, 2017

Mar 17, 2017

Speaker Edgmon on that budget, Dr. Jyll Green shares about Vivitrol, Craig Medred opines on Iditarod race(s), we hit the road with Dr. Dan, and an average day bird watching beats any day in the office.

This juvenile bald eagle, spotted at dusk, was perched on the cliffs near Kanakanak Beach.
Credit Sarah Grace Durrance

Bristol Bay and Beyond, March 17, 2017:  This week, we get an update from Juneau as the budget and new revenue bills inch forward. "The caucus I'm involved in believes that we have already cut the budget considerably over the years, and to cut it further is to eliminate core services," says Speaker Bryce Edgmon. "We think our problem is more along the lines of creating a comprehensive fiscal plan." A once-a-month injection of Vivitrol is helping Alaskans beat their opioid addictions, but so far is finding few proponents in the state. Dr. Jyll Green tells us why it should be getting more attention and more use. "It allows your brain to stop craving opioids and alcohol, within three hours of the injection. You could walk to your dealer and think 'You know what, I'm actually ok'," she tells us. Plus health tips and good stories on a walk to work with Dillingham's Dr. Dan: "A famous old monk from years ago said 'I haven't seen a sickness I couldn't walk away from'," Dr. O'Connell shares with one reporter who accompanied on his six mile trek to work. Plus a field trip around for late winter (or early spring) bird watching, and veteran reporter and salty commentator Craig Medred tells us what he thought of this year's Iditarod races. Those stories, plus a look back at some of the week's news.

Senior Emily McArthur looks for two in the Lady Wolverines 2A tourney opener against Nenana Thursday. Nenana clinched the win, 50-35.
Credit Kevin Tennyson

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Lake Aleknagik, a jumping off point for many winter adventures. But now crossable by the Wood River Bridge a few miles away.
Credit KDLG