Bristol Bay and Beyond, April 7, 2017

Apr 17, 2017

We unravel the case of a Togiak banishment, visit with some junior chess masters in Dillingham, and go looking for early spring rainbows on the Naknek River.

Getting ready for spring at the Dillingham port.
Credit Sarah Grace Durrance

Bristol Bay and Beyond, April 7, 2017: This week we look at the case of Ronald Oertwich, 72, a non-tribal member banished and subsequently arrested by the Togiak Traditional Council. The tribe says this was an appropriate way to deal with an alleged alcohol bootlegger. Oertwich's lawyer says the this was false imprisonment and a civil lawsuit is coming. We travel to Togiak to get the details firsthand, and look at some other recent examples too. Plus, while many of Dillingham's youth are grappling it out on the Pee Wee wrestling mats, a dedicated group of others are mastering the art of the checkmate at chess club. And for some intrepid anglers, there is no better time to target the Naknek's world famous trophy rainbows than early spring, picking their way around river ice to find them just as they head out of the lake. Those stories, plus a look back at some of the week's news.

An elder grabbing his mail this week in Togiak.
Credit KDLG

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John Eller helps teach chess at a club every Wednesday at the Dillingham Elementary School.
Credit KDLG

The grass, and everything else, began to come back into view this week as the endless sunshine burned off the snowpack.
Credit Sarah Grace Durrance