Bristol Bay and Beyond, April 14, 2017

Apr 17, 2017

This week we follow up on the Togiak banishment case with commentary from John Skidmore, the state's DOL Criminal Division director, and author and attorney Daniel Craig Mitchell. Plus, a recap of the Athletic and Academic meet in Newhalen, stories from the European travels of some Dillingham high schoolers, and local pastors share about the reason for the Easter season.

Let me see yer war face. Pee Wee wrestlers sparred in their annual meet this week in Dillingham.
Credit Sarah Grace Durrance


Bristol Bay and Beyond, April 14, 2017:  This week, Dept. of Law Criminal Division Director John Skidmore joins to discuss the Togiak banishment of a non-tribal member. "Banishment without Indian Country is what I would refer to as constitutionally suspect," he says. Author and attorney Daniel Craig Mitchell weighs in as well. "You know, false imprisonment in this state is a felony, and that's what happened to him out there," Mitchell says of Ron Oertwich's detention for violating a tribal banishment order. "We either live in a society that is based on the rule of law or we do not, it's as simple as that." We travel to Newhalen to check in on the annual AA meet, and get a recap of the recent Dillingham HS trip to Europe. "When we went of the Eiffel Tower, it was late-ish at night, totally dark, it was raining really hard ... you think you feel it start to lean every time you take a step," says senior Liam Wright. We end with reflections from some local spiritual leaders on the importance of this holiday weekend: "Without Easter, without the actual event itself taking place, with no empty tomb, there is no Christianity," Pastor Rob Scott says. Those stories, plus a look back at some of the week's news.

Swans, shorebirds, ducks and other migratory birds spotted on the Naknek River, a sure sign that spring is here.
Credit D. Kopshever and A. Ramos / US National Park Service

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DPD chief Dan Pasquariello, serving Thursday night as the sergeant-at-arms for the city council meeting, was recognized for his 25 years of service with the city (making him the longest serving city employee).
Credit KDLG

It's no holds barred at Dillingham Pee Wee wrestling.
Credit Sarah Grace Durrance

The swans arrived on Lake Aleknagik's Mission Bay right on time this spring. Lake ice is keeping them contained to the bay, where last year at this time the lake had long been wide open and the swans continued north after just a brief stop.
Credit Sarah Grace Durrance