Big Lake resident arrested in Dillingham for alleged drug dealing

Aug 1, 2018

Police say that when Stanley was arrested at the Sea Inn on Saturday he was in possession of a gram of black tar heroin, a gram of methamphetamine, money and a scale.

Gordon Stanley, 33, of Big Lake was arrested Saturday in Dillingham.
Credit Dillingham Police Department

Gordon Stanley, 33, was arrested in Dillingham on Saturday.

While performing a check of the Sea Inn downtown just before 2 a.m., an officer recognized the Big Lake resident inside the bar.  In a written statement, the Dillingham Police Department explained that a warrant was active for Stanley’s arrest because he was a felony parole absconder. Further, police had received information that Stanley was in Dillingham selling drugs.

When the officer in the bar contacted Stanley at the Sea Inn, he allegedly showed the officer a tribal ID, which was not issued to him, and denied his identity. During his arrest, police say he drew a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol and threw it across the bar. The gun was later found to be stolen.

According to DPD, Stanley had a gram of black tar heroin, a less than a gram of methamphetamine, currency and a scale in his possession.

He faces five felony charges, including two counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance.

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