Be conscientious of bear and moose in Dillingham, police warn

Jun 11, 2018

There's been an uptick in reports of bear and moose around Dillingham. Police advise residents to leave the animals alone.

A cow moose and her calves take a hike down Lake Road. Photo captured in May 2017.
Credit Tai Drummond


Wildlife around Dillingham is awake and active this summer, and some big animals are visiting town.

“We’ve been hearing about a bear cub and a mama bear sighting on [Aleknagik] Lake Road between the beginning of Lake Road and Lupine Drive,” said John Marx, a dispatcher at the Dillingham Police Department. “Also, there have been a mama moose and a calf seen in the downtown area, HUD housing, walking around the main street.”

There was an uptick in sightings over the weekend. On Monday, Marx said he received two calls about bear and five about moose.

The police department’s message to the public is simple: leave the bear and moose alone.

“We just don’t want them to engage the animals. This is [the animal’s] country. If they’re passing through, just let them pass through. As long as we don’t bother them, they should be OK,” said Marx.

Residents can call the police department at 907-842-5354 to report bear and moose sightings.

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