Bail still set at $500,000 for Brian V. Clark, third-party custodians approved

May 24, 2018

Brian V. Clark is charged with the 2015 murder of Ella Olsen. At a Thursday hearing, Judge Herman Walker Jr. approved Dennis Olson Sr. and Emily Olson as third-party custodians for Clark, but he declined to lower Clark’s bail.

Credit Alaska State Troopers

Brian V. Clark, 38, of Dillingham, who is charged with the 2015 murder of Ella Olsen, is still in jail following a bail hearing in Anchorage today. Clark has been in custody since 2016, with bail set at $500,000 and the stipulation that, in order to be released, he would need a third-party custodian.

At the bail hearing, Clark’s attorney, Gregory Parvin, asked the court to approve two third-party custodians and to lower the bail.

Judge Herman Walker Jr. approved a married couple, Dennis Olson Sr. and Emily Olson, as custodians for Clark. Dennis Olson explained his relationship to the case to the court. Clark is his son-in-law. Further, Ella Olsen is his daughter-in-law’s mother.

District attorney Daniel Shorey questioned Dennis and Emily Olson. Both stated that they do not believe Clark committed the murder. Dennis Olson is a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay, and he said that he would like Clark to fish with him this summer if he makes bail.

Parvin also asked that the judge allow $350,000 of the bail to be unsecured. In other words, Clark would need to post $150,000 bail, but if he violated conditions of the bail bond, he could be liable for the full $500,000.

Walker denied this request, so Clark will still need to pay the full $500,000 to be released before his trial. The trail is scheduled to begin in late October. Clark faces three felony murder charges and a felony robbery charge.

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Correction: An earlier version of this story idetnified Dennis Olson Sr. as Dennis Wilson Sr.