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Oct. 1 is the last day for voters to go to the post office to cast their ballots for the Lake and Peninsula Borough's local elections.

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It was an exceptionally hot summer. Heat records for water and land temperatures were broken. There were recorded sightings of dead animals washing up along the state’s coast. And just when everyone thought summer was over, a dead shark washed up in Port Heiden on the Alaska Peninsula.

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Missing information in the original election announcement led the borough assembly to postpone the general election. Residents will have the opportunity to vote in a special election on Nov. 5. 

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Helicopters flying over Dillingham have residents wondering what all the noise is about. 

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Bristol Bay’s 2019 salmon run wasn’t record-breaking. But new numbers released by the state show the season was still astounding; the preliminary exvessel price is the highest in the fishery's history.

Courtesy of Holland Dotts & the Alaska Marine Conservation Council.

The Bristol Bay Native Corporation has been working for a year to acquire two of the largest Pacific cod harvesters in the country. Now, it is about to close that deal. 

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A volunteer was sent to a hospital in Anchorage last night due to smoke inhalation. The crew was able to put out the southern and middle portions of the fire with heavy equipment. 


The fire was reported Sunday night about seven miles from King Salmon. It was burning up to 25 acres with moderate activity yesterday. Because of its proximity to King Salmon and Naknek, the fire is under "full suppression" status. 

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Crews use point protection to defend the village and surrounding infrastructure. Tundra around Levelock will likely continue to burn until it rains. 

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An Alaska Fire Service aircraft that surveyed the fire yesterday reported low activity, with west winds at 25 - 27 miles per hour. 

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Emergency firefighters and local volunteers are still working to suppress a 5,000-acre fire near Levelock. The fire has been burning since Sunday night, and residents are finally beginning to see improvements. 

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The fire is estimated to be about 12 miles northeast of the village. Community members have used a bulldozer and excavator to create fire breaks around the blaze.

Courtesy of Janice Chukwak

As of Tuesday at noon, no structures had been lost in the fire. Its exact size is difficult to determine due to heavy smoke coverage, and residents and smokejumpers are continuing to fight the blaze. 

Courtesy of Janice Chukwak

As of this morning, the fire was about half a mile from the village – 500 yards from the airport and 300 yards from the community dump. SAVEC in King Salmon is the central point for those evacuating from Levelock. 

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The tribe said it decided to withdraw, in part, due to issues with patient care and the health corporation's insufficient response to their concerns. The earliest effective date for the withdrawal is May 2020.