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While some appointments will still be in-person, the health corporation says many will be conducted over the phone until further notice.

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The state has logged 54 cases in the Dillingham area in the last week and a half -- 17 of which are in the City of Dillingham. 

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Moose season opened last week around Dillingham and to the north, and hunting starts Wednesday around Togiak. From Lake Iliamna down to Katmai Preserve the season starts Sept. 1. As hunters gear up for fall moose, biologists look to population fluctuations across Bristol Bay.

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Police declined to identify the driver, who’s next of kin has been notified.

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State troopers said officers with the Anchorage Airport Interdiction Team seized 170 grams of methamphetamine and 50 grams of heroin last month ahead of a commercial flight bound for King Salmon.

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“The repairs are significant enough that we required the store to be closed until they can be completed," said Cameron Poindexter, CEO and president of one of the store's owners, Choggiung Ltd.

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The cases were detected in three communities over the weekend, though not in the City of Dillingham, said BBAHC. The people who tested positive and their households are currently in isolation.

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Three of the people who tested positive were in the City of Dillingham and seven were in other communities. Since mid-July, 38 people in the area have tested positive, and recent cases prompted lockdowns in New Stuyahok and Manokotak.

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This year's smaller sockeye are part of a decades-long, as increasingly smaller fish have returned to the bay amid larger salmon runs and warming oceans.


“Things were falling out of the cabinets, and drawers were flopping open. I looked out and my car was jumping around on the road. There was a lot of landslides here, too," said Gene Carlson, who was in Chignik Bay when the earthquake hit.


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Another case was reported in the City of Dillingham on July 27. In the past two weeks, there have been a total of 10 cases in communities around the area, according to the state COVID-19 dashboard.



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The 2021 run broke 2018's record of 62.9 million sockeye, and it's the fourth time since 1952 that the run surpassed 60 million salmon. 


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Peter Pan set an initial base price of $1.10 in June, before fishing began. The company upped the price to $1.25 to stay competitive with other processors, according to its Bristol Bay manager.

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OBI's base price is $0.15 higher than the price Peter Pan announced before fishing started in June. 


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Bristol Bay’s run is 3 million fish over its pre-season forecast -- more than 54 million fish have returned so far. The Naknek-Kvichak’s fleet had the biggest catch of the day, as more than 700,000 fish were hauled in, and the Kvichak saw a sizable escapement. Ugashik’s harvest was over 600,000 for the third day in a row.