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Pebble selling off surplus equipment

Ahead of another quiet season at their worksite north of Iliamna, the Pebble Limited Partnership is selling off some surplus equipment. 

Mike Heatwole is spokesperson for Pebble:

"We really have a lot of equipment that was sitting idle and essentially depreciating in value, and thought it make sense to sell some of that off. But we are maintaining what we would envision to need for a program in the future to support up to three drill rigs, once we secure another partner for the project to advance us to the next phase."

The list of equipment for sale includes excavators, generators, trucks, shipping containers, and household items as well.

Heatwole did not say how much the company might make from the sale, but he expects it to generate some local interest.

"I was out there late last week when the list was coming up and one of the folks I was with from another community was quite interested in the list. And I asked him, 'What on there caught your interest?' and he just smiled and said, 'Anytime there's an opportunity for things out here, it piques everyone's interest.'"

Pebble only has three people on staff now in Iliamna, according to Heatwole.  He says the company is still actively seeking another investor to replace Anglo American to move the mine project forward.

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