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An Interview with Pebble CEO Tom Collier


Pebble CEO Tom Collier sat down with KDLG's Dave Bendinger to talk about Pebble's response to the EPA, recent challenges, and the outlook for the future.

(Interview 5.2.14)

Breakdown of interview:

  • Interview begins with Tom Collier discussing his background and role as Pebble CEO
  • 2:20 - Collier lays out Pebble's response to the EPA's move to issue a preemptive 404c veto of the project (overview)
  • 3:45 ... legal arguments of response to EPA
  • 4:20 ... policy arguments of response to EPA
  • 7:55 ... scientific arguments of response to EPA
  • 11:40 - Collier discusses what he says is the normal process used by the EPA
  • 13:00 - Collier answers whether or not a preemptive veto would save Pebble time, money investing towards an un-permittable project
  • 13:45 - Pebble's view of EPA's watershed assessment of Bristol Bay
  • 15:45 - Collier addresses emails, documents suggesting the EPA has been internally promoting a 404c veto of Pebble before 2010
  • 18:08 - Collier is asked if he believes an investigation is warranted into the agency's actions
  • 19:32 - Collier is asked if Pebble is at the behest of the EPA
  • 21:14 - Collier talks about Pebble's timeline, and potential investors
  • 23:30 - Collier is asked about the current market value of the Pebble deposit
  • 24:15 - Collier discusses the priority of protecting the fish habitat of the Bristol Bay region
  • 27:00 - Collier talks about waste water discharge and tailings
  • 29:20 - Is asked if there are examples of 21st century mines, technology similar to proposed Pebble that the public can currently assess
  • 32:00 - Asked about the departure of Anglo American, search for new partners
  • 35:00 - Asked about his vision for the Bristol Bay region with a Pebble mine
  • 42:00 - Discusses Pebble's efforts to collect data, produce Environmental Baseline Document
  • 44:00 - Asked about the what reclamation would look like if the mine went into operation
  • 45:45 - Addresses concerns about a potential mining district
  • 47:15 - Collier discusses his priorities as CEO
  • 48:10 - Collier offers his message for residents in Bristol Bay