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Dillingham gas prices drop below $5 per gallon

Molly Dischner/KDLG

Gas prices in Dillingham took a big dip Friday, dropping below the $5 dollar mark.

To the delight of customers at the pump, Dillingham gas prices dropped Friday.

Filling up at the Bristol Express station, Ty Mueller told KDLG News the $4.75 per gallon was the lowest price he’s seen in six years living here.

“Oh I would say, fill up once a week. So this is a considerable help. Absolutely.”

The lowest price of the day appeared to be at Stelling’s Automotive, where it was selling for $4.70 a gallon. Owner John Stelling tells KDLG he was as tired of looking at a price above $5 as everyone else.

Delta Western and Vitus were both still selling gas above $5 this afternoon (Friday), but Vitus said they were planning to drop the price soon.

The price of home heating oil dropped, too. Bristol Alliance fuels was selling it for $3.20 a gallon for the Keep Full customers Friday, the lowest price since 2004 when it bottomed out at $2.17.   

Credit KDLG News

Bristol Bay Native Corporation purchased the Bristol fuels businesses earlier this year. CEO Jason Metrokin said fuel prices are trending down, but he didn’t know whether the current price will remain for the winter, or change in the next several months.  

“After some analysis and better understanding of what we have in terms of fuel in our tanks, Bristol Alliance fuels decided to make an additional drop in prices - roughly 50 cents a gallon, when it comes to unleaded diesel and propane and home heating fuel,” he said.

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