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Dancing Star Issues Recall on Carob Products

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

A group of snacks containing carob powder may have been tainted with salmonella, and their manufacturer has issue a recall.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Dancing Star LLC, a maker of vegan snacks and energy bars, has issued a recall on several of its products.  The Massachusetts-based company says the carob powder in these foods may have been tainted with salmonella.  Kim Stryker, manager for Alaska’s Food Safety and Sanitation program, confirmed that these products were available in Alaska.  She added that salmonella can get people quite sick.

“People who come down with salmonella, they often experience fever, diarrhea, sometimes it’s bloody, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, and typically, people will experience this 12 to 72 hours after they have become infected, or in other words, after they ate the product that was contaminated. Usually, people are sick for 4-7 days. Most people who are generally healthy will be very sick and very uncomfortable, but they will recover, but occasionally, people can get more complicated infections, so they should definitely see their health care provider, particularly if they’re immune-compromised.”

Affected products include energy bars labeled Carob Supergreens and Date Flax with Turmeric.  These bars were sold under Dancing Star’s Chunks of Energy and Rave Bites brands.  The recall also includes ten-pound bags of Bulk Organic Carob Powder.   Strkyer says people with questions can contact the company directly.

“The number for the company is 413-625-8300, and it looks like they’re on the east coast, and they can be reached from 8-4:30.”

More detailed information on the recall, including pictures of the affected products, sell-by dates, UPC codes, and production numbers, can be found at the website of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.