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Zach Kolbe of Dillingham will wrestle for Dakota Wesleyan University

Zach Kolbe.jpg
Zach Kolbe signing his letter of intent to wrestle for Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Zach Kolbe, will join the Wesleyan University Tigers wrestling team in Mitchell, South Dakota this fall. The Dillingham senior signed his letter of intent in the high school gym on Tuesday (4/12).

Zach w MSHS team.jpg
The middle and high school wrestling team in a group picture with Zach Kolbe, along with Coaches Jack Savo & Reed Tennyson

The ceremony started off with a word from Coach Jack Savo. He said there were so many words to describe Kolbe, so he picked a handful
"I think of words like humble, courage, faith, and laughter. Those are the words that come to my mind", said Savo.

Coach Reed Tennyson highlighted Kolbe’s energy in practices.

Tennyson said, "I can’t thank Zach enough. You know, he is the guy that comes in everyday. Even in middle school practice and he'll let me show moves on him. The kids will see Zach’s face grinish, and they want to see it one more time. And one more time.”

Zach w coaches & Ty.jpg
Left to right: Ty Kolbe (Zach's brother), Coach Reed Tennyson, Zach Kolbe, and Coach Jack Savo

Before signing his letter of intent, Kolbe said a few words of his own. “Thank you to my parents. They’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into me. They’ve put a lot of food into me, and well kept a lot of food from me", said Kolbe.

Athletic Director, Cassie Macdonald closed the ceremony by giving a highlight to what the letter actually meant for Kolbe.

Macdonald went on to say, “This is a really big deal. Zach is going to go on. Demetry is going to go on, and maybe others are going to go on to not only attend college. They are going to further their education, and they are going to be college athletes. That’s really hard so, anyone who goes to college and does activities, whether that’s music, art, sports. You know, push yourself to do that. Push yourself to try harder, and you can have this opportunity as well. Let's get one last round of applause.” 

Zach Kolbe will wrestle for the Dakota Wesleyan University Tigers this fall.

Kolbe is the 2021 state wrestling champion in the 145 pound division.

Kendra Kapotak is the indomitable host of KDLG's beloved daily call in show, Open Line. She also works with the news team to report local news through the BBEDC seasonal internship program.