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Knifing lands Naknek seafood worker in jail on assault charges


Dacia Quan Smith, 31, of Lake Forest Park, WA, arrested on two charges of first degree assault after a bar fight Tuesday in downtown Naknek.

A Washington man was arrested in Naknek early Tuesday, after he allegedly knifed two men during an altercation at the Fisherman’s Bar. Bristol Bay Borough Police were called downtown around 3:00 a.m.

The investigating officers Ty Ely and John Rhyshek wrote in their affidavit that Dacia Quan Smith, 31, fessed up to getting into a fight with a couple of guys and to cutting one of them with a knife. Police say the slashing cut the first victim's shirt but barely pierced the skin. It still left a wound approximately 12 inches long.

It was unclear exactly what the dispute was about, except that witnesses reported Smith asked "What did you say about my friend?" before the alleged assault. It was unclear if the parties knew each other, either.

The bartender threw Smith outside and, according to police, others followed. The officers said more punches were thrown, and a witness said the second victim received knife wounds allegedly from Smith, requiring medevac to Anchorage for further care. The first victim was treated at the Camai Community Clinic for his knife wound.

Smith, who had an Alaska General Seafoods ID card, was booked on two charges of first degree assault. He has already been transported to Anchorage while the case proceeds.

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This article was corrected to reference the knife wounds sustained by the second victim, as reported by a witness to the scene.