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Gottschalk arrested on vehicle theft, DUI charges in Naknek

Clayton W. Gottschalk, 47, has a lengthy history of drinking and driving, dating to charges in the early 1990s. Borough police arrested him March 23 after allegedly trying to steal a vehicle from a Naknek home.

KDLG: Clayton Wayne Gottschalk, 47, was arrested in Naknek on March 23, charged with felony drunk driving, vehicle theft, and assault.

Bristol Bay Borough Police were called first to King Salmon just after midnight Thursday, then to Naknek an hour later, on reports that Gottschalk was disturbing people on their property.

When an officer arrived on scene in Naknek, he found the alleged stolen car stuck in a snowbank and a highly intoxicated Gottschalk sitting nearby. The owner of the vehicle said he had taken the keys out of the ignition after Gottschalk got stuck trying to get away.

According to police, Gottshcalk got combative at the jail and assaulted the arresting officer by kicking him in the knee.

Gottshcalk has a long list of prior DUI charges on his record, dating back to the early 1990s. He was ordered held on $5000 bail.