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Suspect sought in gun theft case


Reece Johnson, 21, wanted in connection with theft of over a dozen guns in October. Donald Johnson, 23, Craig Schlosser, 24, and two juveniles already arrested or charged, and most guns recovered.

Dillingham Police are still looking for one suspect in a case involving the theft of a least a dozen firearms in October.

24-year-old Craig Schlosser and 23-year-old Donald Johnson have been arrested, and charges filed against two juveniles. An arrest warrant has been issued for 21-year-old Reece Johnson in connection with the case.

Audio Transcript:

Police say they were notified in early October that a home had been burglarized and a number of guns were stolen. When the homeowner came back from a construction job, he provided a list to police, says chief Dan Pasquariello.

"There were quite some fancy firearms. There were James Bond looking guns, there was bullpup AR-15’s, a Russian sniper rifle, a TEC-9 machine gun pistol. It was a burglary, it was a high dollar amount, a bunch of firearms stolen. Obviously when someone commits a burglary is a criminal, it’s not a good idea when criminals have access to some kind of firearms."

Police suspected the guns would be sold for drug money. Some members of the public came forward with credible information that allowed the department to obtain search warrants and they began to recover the firearms at several locations.

Pasquariello alleges two juveniles actually perpetrated the theft; their names are being withheld on account of their ages, but charges have been forwarded to the division of juvenile justice. Police say three other adult men were involved.

"One was Craig Schlosser who drove the juveniles to the burglary. One was Donald Johnson who received the majority of the stolen guns. Another was Reece Johnson, who received some of the stolen guns. Both Craig Schlosser and Donald Johnson are in custody. Reece Johnson has not yet been apprehended. He has a $10,000 arrest warrant," said Pasquariello.

Pasquariello says most but not all of the stolen firearms have been recovered.

Police believe Reece Johnson may be in Anchorage. Johnson has a growing criminal record; he is fresh out of jail following a plea deal in a case where he was charged with shooting his friend in the back last May.

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