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Avery Lill returns to KDLG for the month of April as an interim reporter

Avery Lill. Feb. 10, 2019
Mario Cruz
Avery Lill snowshoeing in Aleknagik. Feb. 10, 2019

Next week, Avery Lill will return to KDLG to fill in as a reporter while Izzy Ross is on vacation.

Most people will remember Avery from her time as KDLG’s news director. In 2019, she became host and producer of Colorado Public Radio’s daily statewide show, Colorado Matters. She’s now working as a freelance journalist based in Colorado, and she’s spending the month of April with all of us here on Bristol Bay’s airwaves.

“I am looking forward to hearing from people what stories they want told, and I’m excited to be a part of sharing those,” she said.

Avery hasn’t been back to Bristol Bay since making the move to Colorado three years ago.

“I think everybody knows how hard traveling and planning travel has been for the last couple of years," she said. "I’m excited to be back, to be reporting on the different fishing seasons coming up. And just being back in a community that I care about a lot. I am so excited to do that.”

Beyond the newsroom, Avery looks forward to spending time with people she hasn’t seen in a few years and pursuing favorite activities — from hiking to eating salmon.

“It’s been so weird going to parties or gatherings where people don’t bring salmon dip," she said. "I am thrilled to be back in a place where I’m close to the outdoors and close to food and close to people who are really great.”

Avery will be at KDLG from March 30 to April 22.

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