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New crane arrives in Port of Dillingham

Spencer Tordoff | KDLG

The new $1.5 million crane should be operational next week.

The Port of Dillingham’s new crane, a 200-ton Link-Belt model ordered back in June, has finally arrived. A crew from Anchorage is expected to have the crane operational by the end of next week.

“There’s not a lot of heavy lifting, said Jean Barrett, Port Director for the City of Dillingham. “From what I understand it goes together pretty quickly.”

The harbor’s previous crane, a 150-ton Manitowoc, was decommissioned May this year after an inspection found it to be in need of between $200,000 and $300,000 in repairs.

Barrett said that another used Manitowoc was available, but there were concerns that it would only last about 17 years like its predecessor. The hope is that a new model will last substantially longer.

“This crane here, being a 2016 model, is, in my mind, a 30-plus year crane,” Barret said.

About $300,000 was taken from the Port Enterprise fund to cover the down payment, with the remainder being covered by loans. The city expects to pay around $140,000 per year until the crane is paid off.

In addition to lasting longer, Barrett says he hopes that the new crane is a little more user-friendly.

“Our only operator… has operated the old Manitowoc the whole time we’ve had it.” Barret said. “It’s an old-school crane, a lot of clutches a lot of breaks and there’s a lot of physical pounding on things to make [them] set. This should make [the operator’s] life a lot easier.”

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