Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr travelled from Washington, D.C., to Alaska last week, in a trip aimed at better understanding the challenges of internet access in remote communities. On his final stop in Dillingham, Carr sat down with KDLG to talk about the FCC’s plans for broadband in Alaska.

Color run reminds Dillingham to live healthy

Jul 30, 2018
Austin Fast / KDLG

Vibrant remnants of this weekend’s color run are still scattered up and down Lake Road in Dillingham. KDLG’s Austin Fast joined the crowd and has this report on the larger health message behind this fun event.

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

Alaska has seen a spike of reported cases of flu since the beginning of September, reports the State of Alaska Section of Epidemiology.

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

Department of Health and Social Services says flu cases in Alaska have been on the rise in the last month. 

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

AVAP is designed to update the state's immunization program and provide easier access to those in small and rural communities.  

Flu Season Approaches, State Recommends Vaccines

Aug 28, 2014
Department of Health and Social Services

As school is starting up the importance of getting flu vaccines is greater.  The state of Alaska has flu vaccines available now and recommends getting it earlier rather than later.  

August is National Immunization Awareness Month which mean state public health centers will waive all immunization administration fees for state-provided vaccines during for the whole month. 

Kern Communications

80 percent of overweight adolescents grow up to be obese adults.  With that in mind a new iPhone app, based on a book, targets the country’s weight problem at the source; child hood obesity.

Last month saw the launch of a 10-week tour to promote breast cancer research and a new film documentary.

Wendy Sellens is a native to Alaska but lives in California where she released a book “Breast Cancer Boot Camp.”  She started up the non-profit “Pink Bow-Breast Cancer Themography Research and Education” campaign.  Sellens worked with Dr. William Hobbins to bring the world information on how breast thermography plays a role in breast cancer screening.

Dental Health Aid Therapists are mid-level dental technicians trained specifically to work in rural villages. Ten years ago, the first group of Alaskan students returned from New Zealand with their certification.  Now, the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium offers the program in state. 

DHATs are trained to do cleanings, fillings, simple extractions and provide dental education to the community that they serve.  Since the program in Alaska started ten years ago, DHATs have expanded to cover more than 40,000 Alaska Native people in over 80 rural villages. 

How would Dillingham respond to the threat of a pandemic virus or anthrax?  Health care providers, city leaders, and local organizations are getting together this month to learn about dispensing antibiotics and work out the details of who does what so we can ready in the case of an emergency. KDLG’s Ben Matheson has the story:

Alaska Combats High STD Rates

Jun 4, 2013

Alaska continues to struggle with some of the nation’s highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases.  New data from the state’s epidemiology office shows that a recent decrease in reported cases hasn’t continued into 2013.