Togiak Woman Charged With Smoking Oxy in the Delivery Room

Oct 13, 2014

A woman from Togiak is facing drug charges for allegedly smoking oxycodone at the Kanakanak Hospital in Dillingham. Last Thursday afternoon the Dillingham Police Department was asked to investigate a report that a pregnant woman and another woman, who had just given birth, were smoking oxycodone in the delivery/OB room at the Kanakanak Hospital.

The request was made by the State’s Office of Children’s Services. In a statement issued Monday the Dillingham Police Department reports that the investigation found that 25-year old Jennifer Williams from Togiak smoked oxycodone with a friend who had successfully given birth at the hospital. The Police claim the newborn infant was present at the time. The Dillingham Police Department report that Williams was found to be in possession of 15 oxycodone pills that were not prescribed. They also claim that Williams was in possession of alcohol that they believe she intended to import into Togiak, which is a dry community. Jennifer Williams has been charged with a couple of felony drug charges.

In other local law enforcement news, a vehicle fire was discovered last Thursday morning at around 4:45-am. A police patrol spotted the vehicle fire at a residence on Gauthier Way in Dillingham. The Dillingham Volunteer Fire Department was successful in putting the vehicle fire out and preventing the fire from spreading to the residence. The vehicle was a total loss and the Dillingham Police Department reports that the fire was deliberately started in the bed of the pickup. The Police Department confirms that they are investigating a person of interest who has been identified in the case but they are asking for the public’s help with information about the fire. If you know anything you can call the Dillingham Police Department at 842-5354.