Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 22, 2016

Jul 22, 2016

The run hit the pre-season point forecast Thursday, harvest is well beyond what was expected, and….we’re ready for a break. For our fortieth and final show, we take a look back. 

"Done," wrote Michelle Ravenmoon of these strips drying near Pope-Vannoy Landing on Iliamna Lake.
Credit courtesy Michelle Ravenmoon

The total run to Bristol Bay through Thursday: 46.9 million, just a little above Fish and Game’s point estimate of 46.5 million. Thursday’s harvest was 727,000 – bringing the season total to 35.4 million, well above the 29.5 million harvest expected before the season started. And the towers still in counted 251,000 fish Thursday, for a season total of 11.4 million. Most of the bay’s fishing districts are wide-open, or at least on a predictable, regular schedule for the rest of the red run.

We're wrapping up this program today after another long, fun season reporting on this fishery. This is 40th show, and we're ready for a break! A special thanks to all who offered their time and analysis to make the Bristol Bay Fisheries Report possible and successful.

Today we look back at the 2016 season, another incredible year for Bristol Bay. Fish and Game’s Tracy Lingnau updates on research, management, and the 2016 run. Seafood market analyst Andy Wink helps break down the price and anticipated ex-vessel value, and the outlook ahead. Skipper Robert Heyano offers a word from the fleet, Sgt. Scott Quist recaps the enforcement, Hannah Colton has the skinny from Naknek, and we hear from the oldest drifter on these waters.

Good luck and good fishing to all of you who are still out there. We’ll see you next summer. In the meantime, regular fish news coverage continues on KDLG 670 AM – and we’re always happy to hear from you. Email Molly or Dave, or call the station at 907-842-5281. 

A tender waves goodbye toward the end of the 2016 season.
Credit Molly Dischner/KDLG News