Thea Card

Election Day is approaching and with that comes the final surge from politicians to earn your vote.  However, there are others out there that don’t care who you vote for—they just want you to vote.  

You may have seen her huddled up around a small card table with flyers and stickers, inside grocery stores with a friendly smile.  You’re on your way to pick up some eggs you keep forgetting and at the entrance you’re greeted by…

“Hi guys have you voted yet?”

Arctic Circle 2014

This weekend is the Arctic Circle 2014 conference in Iceland.  The annual event was created to increase the Arctic dialogue.  US Senator Lisa Murkowski will be attending with the new Arctic Representative from the US Admiral Robert Papp.  

Senator Murkowski's Office

Senator Lisa Murkowski met this week with the United States’ first Special Representative to the Arctic, Admiral Robert Papp.  Murkowski and Papp spoke about his priorities in the Arctic.

Admiral Papp started his Coast Guard career 40 years ago in Adak.  He admitted that his knowledge of Alaska was limited.  However, Papp said whenever he visited he would meet the people in the towns he stayed in to learn more. He said in the last four year he has visited Alaska to learn the culture of Alaska and learn as much as he can.

Alaska's Senators Ask for Pebble Mine Plan

Jul 23, 2013

Alaska’s congressional delegation has been cautious about supporting the EPA’s Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment.  That document in part will guide the agency’s decision making about whether it allows the development of the proposed Pebble Mine.  Both of Alaska’s senators are calling for the Pebble Limited Partnership to be more forthcoming about their future plans. KDLG’s Ben Matheson has the story:

All 3 members of Alaska's Congressional Delegation are sponsoring legislation in response to tentative approval of the first genetically engineered animal intended for human consumption.