Second of five men involved in October gun thefts takes plea

Feb 8, 2017

KDLG:  Donald P. Johnson, 23, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a reduced charge of attempted second degree theft and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. Johnson was one of five suspects charged in the theft of more than a dozen firearms from a Dillingham home in October. 

One man, Craig Schlosser, already pleaded guilty. 

At the change of plea hearing, prosecutor Pamela Dale said while she felt her offer was a bit too lenient, Johnson hadn't given police "one second of trouble" in their investigation. 

"I think this individual was the least culpable of them all. He did receive possession of the stolen firearms, but there's no evidence that he tried to sell them," she said. 

"I think Mr. Johnson made a bad decision to accept something that maybe he should've thought a little more about when he was engaging in that transaction. He certainly paid for it with time in jail," public defense attorney Chris Lesch said on behalf of his client. 

Magistrate judge Tina Reigh accepted the terms. Johnson has already served most of his sentence but will need to remand to custody later this month to serve about another week behind bars. 

His brother Reece Johnson has been indicted on three felony theft charges in the same case. Two young men under the age of 18 at the time of the burglary are being prosecuted through the Division of Juvenile Justice. Most of the guns, not all, were found and returned to the owner.