Retired computer technology executive assistant participates in family fishing endeavor

Jul 5, 2017

On her first trip to Bristol Bay in 26 years, Karyn Marxmiller planned to assist her husband and sons' commercial fishing operation from shore. She ended up fishing for a week.

Karyn Marxmiller has heard about commercial fishing in Bristol Bay for decades from her sons and husband. This year, she participated for the first time.
Credit photo courtesy of Karyn Marxmiller

Everyone has a story of how they came to be involved in Bristol Bay’s fisheries. Some are born into it. Some find themselves pulling in nets for the first time just out of high school or college. Some hear the call of the sea later on down the road. KDLG’s Avery Lill sat down with Karyn Marxmiller to hear her story. She recently retired from her job as a senior executive administrative assistant at Oracle, a computer technology corporation out of California. This is the first time in decades she has been able to visit Bristol Bay where her husband and sons are permit holders. She came expecting to help out with the family business from shore. She found herself on a crew for a week.