Hobson Jr. Indicted for Sexual Assault

Apr 4, 2013

Paul Peter Hobson Jr., 20, of Kokhanok entered a "not-guilty" plea on an indicted charge of sexual assault in the second degree, a class B felony.    

A hearing was held at the courthouse in Dillingham Thursday. Hobson is being represented by the public defenders agency.

Hobson was arrested on Jan. 27th in Igiugig. The Alaska State Troopers allege Hobson sexually assaulted a woman on Jan. 26th in Igiugig. The Trooper investigation determined that alcohol was a factor, and that the victim was incapacitated or unaware that the sexual assault had taken place.

Hobson was originally held in-custody on $15,000 bail.

The state's prosecutors lowered the charge to a misdemeanor to provide time to present the felony charge to a grand jury in Anchorage. When the charge was lowered, Judge Patricia Douglass lowered Hobson's bail to $0, and he was released in February to a third-party custodian.

A grand jury in Anchorage returned an indictment on Apr. 2. Hobson now faces a class B felony charge, but he remains out-of-custody on no bail.

Conditions of the release include instructions for Hobson, of Kokhanok, not to return to Igiugig.

A trial has been scheduled for June.