Dillingham pilot launches flight training company

Mar 22, 2016

Steve Elliott is now offering private flight instruction in a 1976 Cessna 172M through his company, Bristol Bay Flight Training.

Credit Steve Elliott/Bristol Bay Flight Training

Aspiring pilots, take note: there’s a new business in town.

Stephen Elliott has been flying professionally and occasionally teaching for a decade, but only recently launched his own company, Bristol Bay Flight Training. 

"I’ve had a lot of people around town ask me if I do flight instruction over the last number of years," says Elliott. "And I’ve always been able to do it in someone else’s plane, but very few people have their own plane. So now there’s one available to rent and learn in."

Elliott’s students will learn in a 1976 Cessna 172 M-model, the "quintessential flight training" aircraft that he says is relatively stable and easy to fly.

Though ground school classes are offered through the Bristol Bay Campus and other instructors, Elliott thinks he is the only full-time flight lesson service in the area.

He says students need just a few things before they take to the cockpit. 

"In order to start, you’ll need a medical and student pilot certificate," says Elliott. "You can get those here at Kanakanak hospital; it's actually one form that does both. And a headset would be a good idea, although I’ve got an extra one if you don’t have one, and a log book. And that’s all you need."

Elliott says it takes 10-12 hours of air time before students can fly solo, and 45-50 hours total to become a private pilot.

Contact Bristol Bay Flight Training at (907) 843-2418 or steveandjillelliott@gmail.com for more information.