Dillingham fires up new trash incinerator at landfill

May 6, 2015

City's waste now being burned, rather than buried, and it seems to be working smoothly.

The new incinerator at the Dillingham landfill.
Credit Matt Martin/KDLG

DILLINGHAM: This week, Dillingham landfill employees began burning municipal trash.

Poncho Garcia is the Public Works Director for the City of Dillingham. He says the incinerator heats up to about 1,300 to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

"We're going through about five thousand pounds of trash a day. And once we get the other addition help we're probably going to pump that up to ten thousand pounds or more a day,” said Garcia. 

The city purchased and installed the incinerator after the Department of Environmental Conservation did not renew a permit for open burning.

City Manager Rose Loera says the new incinerator will help to save the city costs and clean up the landfill.

"You won't see bears trying to get into the cells. The bird activity would diminish tremendously,” said Loera.

The incinerator does not handle glass, and the City is continuing to ask residents to sort glass from their trash and take them to drop-off locations around town. 

KDLG will have more on the new incinerator on Bristol Bay and Beyond this Friday.