Bristol Bay and Beyond, May 20, 2016

May 23, 2016

A snapshot of the estimated $100 million tourism industry in Bristol Bay, which brings in tens of thousands of fishermen, hunters, rafters, and wildlife viewers each year. 

Screen shot of 1959 film by Don Horter on Angler's Paradise Lodges.

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Bristol Bay and Beyond, May 20: This week, a quick look at tourism in our region. "Once people start coming in here, they continue to come back. I'd say 85 percent of my business is return, year after year after year," says Jerry Ball of Freshwater Adventures. We talk with a few people in the business to find out what's the draw, if there's room to expand, and the outlook for the coming year. "My phone is still ringing very steadily, so it's very encouraging. My best estimate is going to be, up probably 10 to 15 percent from last year," said Nanci Morris Lyon of the Alaska Sportsman's Bear Trail Lodge. One big but quiet slice of Bristol Bay's tourism industry is underway right now. We found a hunter thrilled to bag a big Peninsula brown bear to take back to his wife in Kansas. "She'll love this 'cause it's beautiful. The legs are all from like the elbow down to its foot, it's dark brown, and then it's just varying shades of brown, light brown, blonde and tan, big wide head. It's a beautiful, beautiful specimen.," said Wayne Hott, a retired Air Force dentist from Witchita, Kansas. Those, plus a great tale of adventure from our friend Cathy Hyndman, on this week's Bristol Bay and Beyond. 

Click here for a great vintage film promoting this region back in the 1950's.

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Quiet bend up the Muklung River west of Dillingham.