Alaska Airlines Bristol Bay Jet Service to Start June 9th

May 15, 2013

Round trip tickets between Anchorage and Dillingham or King Salmon look to be priced at $485 this year.

Alaska Airlines 737 Combi

DILLINGHAM:  Alaska Airlines' summer service to Dillingham and King Salmon is scheduled to start June 9th.

"That's daily service between both destinations," said Marianne Lindsey, a spokesperson with Alaska Airlines.

The flight to Dillingham will leave Anchorage at 3:00pm, arriving at 4:05. It will depart Dillingham at 5:06pm, and arriving in Anchorage 6:03pm.

The King Salmon flight will leave Anchorage at 11:15am, arriving 12:12pm, turning around at 1:12pm, and arriving in Anchorage at 2:06pm.

Monday through Friday, AA will fly a 737 Combi aircraft, with space for both cargo and passengers.

"Those flights seat 72 passengers, coach-only, along with quite a bit of cargo, so there will be a lot of additional space for our cargo shippers," said Linsdey.

On the weekends, AA will fly passenger-only service with seating for 12 in first class and 132 in coach.

"Those passenger flights help support sport fishing and the lodge traffic that comes in and out on the weekends."

TSA Agents are scheduled to be at the airports a few days ahead of the first jets on June 9th.