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Izzy Ross/KDLG

Dillingham's clinic Saturday was the first since the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation opened vaccinations to anyone over the age of 18.


Isabelle Ross/KDLG

Because of increased participation, the public health clinic ran out of the flu vaccine during its emergency preparedness drill in Dillingham.

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

Alaska has seen a spike of reported cases of flu since the beginning of September, reports the State of Alaska Section of Epidemiology.

How would Dillingham respond to the threat of a pandemic virus or anthrax?  Health care providers, city leaders, and local organizations are getting together this month to learn about dispensing antibiotics and work out the details of who does what so we can ready in the case of an emergency. KDLG’s Ben Matheson has the story:

Alaska Fights Persistent Infectious Diseases

Jun 5, 2013

Combating Alaska’s disproportionately high STD rates are a big focus of the state’s epidemiologists.  But the state is struggling with other persistent infectious diseases. A new report from the state sheds gives a look at the status of a few diseases.

Tuberculosis continues to be an extremely stubborn disease in the western part of the state. 66 cases of TB were reported last year, with the annual incidence of 9 cases per 100,000 statewide; that almost 3 times the national rate.