Pebble Mine

Alaska's Senators Ask for Pebble Mine Plan

Jul 23, 2013

Alaska’s congressional delegation has been cautious about supporting the EPA’s Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment.  That document in part will guide the agency’s decision making about whether it allows the development of the proposed Pebble Mine.  Both of Alaska’s senators are calling for the Pebble Limited Partnership to be more forthcoming about their future plans. KDLG’s Ben Matheson has the story:

Senator Murkowski Asks for Pebble Mine Plan

Jul 19, 2013

The Pebble Partnership said in June that it wants to finalize its mine plan this year and begin long permitting process with state and federal agencies.  They said the same thing 9 years ago in 2004 and repeated it on an almost annual basis leading up to this year.

Senator Lisa Murkowski has stated that she wants the Pebble process to be allowed to play out and avoid any preemptive action by the EPA.

She’s apparently waited long enough and says now that the time has come for a full mine plan and a strict schedule. 

The EPA collected more than a half million comments in the second round about its Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment comment period. Opponents of the Pebble Mine claim that nearly 70 percept of the commenters support the assessment and are urging the EPA to stop the mine. KDLG’s Ben Matheson has more:

With a few days left of public comment on the EPA’s Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment, sustainable finance firms are chiming in on the issue. A group of 27 investors who represent 35 billion dollars in sustainable industry holdings are asking the EPA to begin a 404(c) review process, which could halt the mine’s development. They say it makes sense for the environment, as well as their bottom line.   

Rep. Rick Larson

More and more Democrats in Congress are coming out in opposition to allowing large scale mining to occur in the Bristol Bay region. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.

Northern Dynasty

For three more weeks, the EPA is collecting public comments on its revised Bristol Bay watershed assessment. The 1,300 page document examines the potential effects of a large mine located at the Pebble Prospect.  Northern Dynasty, a 50 percent owner of the project, has now submitted its highly critical comments, to the tune of 205 pages worth.  

Northern Dynasty says the EPA is premature to analyze a potential mine before the Pebble Partnership has released an actual plan for the mine. Sean McGee is Vice President of Public Affairs for Northern Dynasty.

The Pebble Limited Partnership has released a new study that seeks to define the potential economic and employment contributions of the proposed Pebble Mine. KDLG’s Mike Mason took a look at the new study and filed this report.

For years the proposed Pebble Mine has sparked media campaigns, both pro and con, in Alaska. Recently the mine has sparked campaigns focused on people in the lower 48 states. One such campaign got started earlier this week. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details.

The work done to identify and quantify the wetlands in and around the area for the proposed Pebble Mine was discussed at length Monday in Anchorage. KDLG’s Mike Mason listened in and filed this report.

A panel of scientists will meet next week in Anchorage to further review the Pebble Limited Partnership's "Environmental Baseline Document". This comes as the Partnership is preparing to enter the permitting phase later this year for development of the controversial Pebble Mine. KDLG's Mike Mason has the details.

The new version of "Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment" shows that large scale mining could have a negative impact on the environment of the Bristol Bay region. KDLG's Mike Mason reports.

Entities on all sides of the fight over the proposed Pebble Mine are commenting about the new version of the "Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment" that was released Friday by the EPA. KDLG's Mike Mason reports.



Many stakeholders in the Pebble Mine fight anticipated getting a look this week at the latest version of the EPA's "Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment". They will have to wait a little while longer. KDLG's Mike Mason reports.

Pebble Limited Partnership

The companies spearheading development of the proposed Pebble Mine anticipate going into permitting before the end this year. KDLG's Mike Mason reports.

Mike Mason

A deadline is looming early next month to comment on proposed changes to a document important to the future of development of state land in the Bristol Bay region. That includes the controversial Pebble Mine. However, as KDLG's Mike Mason reports it's possible that an additional public review period could be forthcoming.