Nushagak Peninsula caribou

USFWS/Andy Aderman

Lichens are a critical food source for the caribou herd that lives on the Nushagak PeninsulaBut as the caribou thrive, they are depleting the photosynthetic composites they depend on.  

US Fish & Wildlife

Nushagak Peninsula federal hunt returns indicate a slightly larger hunt than the long-term average. So far, 95 caribou have been recorded harvested.


A public meeting on the temporary special action request will be held Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Togiak Refuge. 

U.S. Geological Survey

If passed, the proposal to increase harvest limit from 2 to 3 would apply to the current season; the Federal Subsistence Board is holding a public hearing in Dillingham Thursday. 


Biologists say  more caribou can be harvested from the Nushagak Peninsula herd.

Aderman/U.S. Fish & Wildlife

A growing herd of about 1400 caribou on the Nushagak Peninsula has prompted proposals to increase bag limit and season length and to allow same-day airborne take.