NOAA Fisheries

Courtesy of John Christensen

It was an exceptionally hot summer. Heat records for water and land temperatures were broken. There were recorded sightings of dead animals washing up along the state’s coast. And just when everyone thought summer was over, a dead shark washed up in Port Heiden on the Alaska Peninsula.

Jason Ching/University of Washington

The elusive seals that reside in Bristol Bay’s Iliamna Lake have long been a mystery. While wildlife managers treat them the same as marine harbor seals, a new study supports what traditional knowledge has long held – that they are a distinct, freshwater population.

Research cruise investigates Bering Sea warm spell

Oct 8, 2015
Alex Andrews/NOAA/ABL

NOAA scientists say a second warm year is causing poor pollock recruitment -- and could indicate a big shift in climate patterns in the Bering Sea.

NOAA Releases Fisheries Reports

Apr 29, 2014

The economic significance of the federal fisheries off the coast of the United Sates and the health of those fisheries are outlined in detail in a couple of lengthy new reports released this week by NOAA Fisheries. KDLG’s Mike Mason looked them over for this report.


NOAA Fisheries is removing the eastern population of Steller sea lions from the list of endangered or threatened species. In a written statement NOAA Fisheries says the scientific review of the sea lion population shows that the eastern population segment has met the recovery criteria included in the recovery plan first implemented in 2008.