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Courtesy of NWS

It's been a cold start of the year in Bristol Bay — the wind pushed temperatures to -40 in some areas. But that subzero weather is on its way out. 

A large storm system is expected to roll through the Bristol Bay region later this week. The system will likely result in some heavy rain and strong winds. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details.

NOAA Administrator Visits Alaska, Outlines Priorities

Aug 20, 2014

The head of the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration came to Alaska Tuesday.  She accompanied the Secretary of Commerce, who was carrying out an official visit.  In an interview with KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh, she discussed the administration’s current priorities.

National Weather Service

Unseasonably warm weather is expected to impact much of southern Alaska for the rest of this week. The National Weather Service has issued a special weather statement noting that warm and wet conditions will impact Southern Alaska late Wednesday through Saturday.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service is rolling out some significant changes to the marine weather forecast for the Bristol Bay region. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details.

Hot Weather to Continue in Southwest Alaska

Jun 14, 2013
National Weather Service Anchorage Forecast Office

Unseasonably hot temperatures will continue in Dillingham the next several days. A high pressure ridge is stuck over interior Alaska, according to Mike Ottenweller, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Anchorage.

"After a little bit of an easterly wave yesterday, we're seeing things continue to amplify and strengthen out over the mainland today and really through the weekend.   The sunny and warm conditions are expected to persist at least through the weekend and likely into early next week as well," said Ottenweller.