mulchatna caribou

USFWS/Togiak Wildlife Refuge

Managers say they want to provide subsistence opportunity to residents while still conserving the herd. The bag limit for the hunt is one bull. Hunters must possess an RC-503 permit to participate. 

KDLG/Isabelle Ross

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The action closes hunting of Mulchatna caribou for the rest of the season. It is the latest in a series of conservation measures taken, after surveys last summer showed a sharp decline in the Mulchatna herd's population. 


The Federal Subsistence Board voted Tuesday to pass a temporary special action reducing the bag limit for a herd that is vital to subsistence hunting in Southwest Alaska. 

Isabelle Ross/KDLG

The Bristol Bay Regional Advisory Council  led a heated discussion about management of the Mulchatna herd at its meeting in Dillingham last week. It also voted to support four of five regional subsistence proposals and oppose one statewide proposal. 

Courtesy of Togiak National Wildlife Refuge

The Mulchatna herd was only half of the minimum population objective this year. Now a proposal to reduce federal subsistence harvest limits is on the table.


The Mulchatna caribou herd populations hover between 22,000 and 27,000. This year's herd is estimated at 13,500 caribou.