Ocean Renewable Power Company

The village will use the first round of funding to study how the RivGen unit interacts with out-migrating smolt, as well as ice flowing out of Lake Iliamna. 

Chignik Lagoon adjusts to life on 94% hydropower

Sep 3, 2015
Hannah Colton/KDLG

The village is saving $500 a day in diesel costs; community members say the new hydropower plant is cleaner and quieter. 

Chignik Lagoon Hydro Project Now Operational

Jun 19, 2015
Dave Bendinger/KDLG

The long-awaited project has replaced diesel in supplying energy for the village's 70-some residents. 

INN Electric Cooperative

Alaska has a long history with hydroelectric power.  The state had over 30 developed water power sites by 1908.  Today, hydroelectric power consists of 22% of the state’s produced electricity.  Although water power does have its disadvantages, one plant has really turned its past misfortunes around.