Dillingham Middle/High School

Robyn Chaney

Each year, a competitive national program selects two high school students from each state to meet with national leaders, like the president and Supreme Court justices. This year, one of the students chosen was a Dillingham senior.

Hannah Colton/KDLG

Monte Thacker, from Wichita Falls, TX, has been in education since 2001, with the past 8 years spent in administration. 

Dillingham City School District

Middle and high school students will likely have trimesters next fall; community members are invited to weigh in at a meeting on April 13th. 

Kevin Tennyson

Bill Schwan is heading to Wrangell after four years at DHS, and Cody McCanna is leaving after 15 years in Koliganek to head a charter school in Kenai.