Dillingham City Council

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This week, we covered teleconferences from Dillingham to Bristol Bay Borough, as both local governments prepare for a potential spread of the coronavirus. No cases have been confirmed in Bristol Bay. Dillingham business owners shared how they are coping with closures and changes to operations. Villages around Bristol Bay are shutting down travel and school districts share updates to academic calendars. 

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We are practicing social distancing while working to keep everyone up to date on the coronavirus. Alaska is now up to 12 cases. People from Bristol Bay have been tested, but the results are pending.

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The city council will select a candidate to fill the vacant seat until the municipal elections in October 2020.

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The absentee ballots didn't change the preliminary results: Heather Savo will fill the one open school board seat, Bill Rodawalt won city council seat B, and Chris Napoli was re-elected to council seat A. 

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The results from election day are not final; The city council will meet tomorrow to count absentee and question ballots. 

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Voters reached out to KDLG about city budget concerns in the 2020 municipal election.



Residents will vote on two city council seats and one school board seat. Incumbent Chris Napoli is running for city council seat A unopposed. Dillingham High School instructor Kaleb Westfall and science teacher Bill Rodowalt are vying for seat B.


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The Willow Tree Inn came one step closer to reopening at the Dillingham City Council meeting on Thursday, while Olsen’s Liquor Store is facing a possible license expiration. 

The City of Dillingham will not place an additional tax on marijuana – for now. 

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The Dillingham City Council is giving the go-ahead for the renewal of the Willow Tree Inn’s liquor license, contingent on the inn paying off the rest of its taxes.

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Cigarettes in Dillingham are about to get more expensive. The city expects the new tax to generate $120,000 for the general fund initially. It hopes that over time higher prices will discourage tobacco use.

Dillingham city council candidates run unopposed

Sep 30, 2015

Dillingham has three candidates for three seats on the city council.

On September 10th, Dillingham’s City Council awarded contracts and gave updates on ongoing projects at a regular monthly meeting. 

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PenAir's Danny Seybert addressed an informal workshop in Dillingham last Friday.

An appeal over mining permits and its potential effect on Dillingham’s local governing authority was the subject of a resolution passed by the City Council Thursday.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.