Alaska Board of Fisheries

Sarah Grace Durrance

The Alaska Board of Fisheries will take up 47 proposals at the Bristol Bay Finfish meeting in Dillingham this November. As the Nushagak and Naknek-Kvichak Fish and Game Advisory Committees decided which proposals they will support, permit stacking and subsistence regulations weighed heavily in the discussions.

Fishermen prep for 2016 reg changes

May 25, 2016

No more free week, a loophole closed in Togiak, and a change for d-boats are among the 2016 changes

Board of Fish rejects proposal process changes

May 24, 2016

The process for considering changes to state fisheries regulations will stay the same for the time being.

BOF considers change to proposal process

May 4, 2016

Given the tight state budget, the Alaska Board of Fisheries is considering a change that could expedite consideration of some proposals a little.

Board of Fish adjusts Bristol Bay set net boundaries

Mar 16, 2016
Mike Mason

After months of discussion, committee meetings and new criteria - the state fish board changed some set net boundaries in Bristol Bay in response to erosion that's occurred in the past decades.

Courtesy Alaska Department of Fish and Game

A recent study said that no matter how far from shore an Area M fisherman fishes, the majority of his sockeye catch in the Outer Port Heiden section is likely to be headed to Bristol Bay.

Fish board responds to changes in Chigniks

Mar 4, 2016
Hannah Colton/KDLG

The once-thriving Chignik fishery has seen better days, and fishermen from the region asked the state Board of Fish for a little help.

Fish board adopts new erosion criteria

Mar 1, 2016

The state fish board has a new policy to help when tasked with considering changes to commercial setnet sites after erosion takes its toll.

Fish board rejects most Alaska Peninsula changes

Mar 1, 2016
Courtesy of Aleutians East Borough

Few changes on the way for Alaska Peninsula salmon fisheries after triennial Board of Fish meeting.

Chignik fishery changes on BOF agenda

Feb 24, 2016
Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Chignik fishermen are asking the state Board of Fisheries to increase the focus on pink and chum salmon management in their area.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Who is catching whose fish? That's the question that'll be left to the state Board of Fisheries to sort out at its meeting in Anchorage this week.

Bristol Bay fishermen weigh in on Area M changes

Feb 10, 2016
Molly Dischner/KDLG

Local fishermen say several proposals up for discussion at the state Board of Fisheries'  Alaska Peninsula, Aleutian Island and Chignik meeting this month could affect the sockeye that return to Bristol Bay.

Board of Fisheries member resigns

Feb 1, 2016

The newest member of the state Board of Fisheries is planning to resign after less than a year on the job.


The state Board of Fisheries will likely finalize a new policy on how to address setnet sites impacted by coastal erosion when it meets to discuss the Alaska Peninsula next month.

Prep underway for BOF Area M meeting

Jan 8, 2016

BBEDC and BBNA are looking for Bristol Bay residents who want to testify at the Board of Fisheries Area M meeting in Anchorage next month.