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Sea ice update Feb. 1, 2023


This is Mary-Beth from the Alaska Sea Ice program with an update on sea ice conditions.

The retreat of the sea ice that we saw last weekend has slowed significantly and the remaining ice pack within Bristol Bay is generally drifting with the local tides and currents. We're seeing three major areas of low sea ice concentration, north of Cape Newenham in west of Goodnews Bay, around and southeast of Togiak and the interior portion of Nushagak Bay from the Nushagak River to Etolin Point. The remaining ice is largely composed of young ice winds are going to be southerly to southwesterly through the remainder of the week. Overall, we do not expect the ice edge to change significantly, but sea ice will generally move with the local tides and currents during this time. I'm Mary-Beth with the Alaska Sea Ice program. Thanks for listening