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Sea ice update Jan. 23, 2023

Transcript: This is Michael from the Alaska Sea Ice Program with an update.

I had a good look around Bristol Bay on Monday. In general the ice edge is 50 nautical miles south of Togiak. But an area of open water exists 30 nautical miles southeast of Togiak. Despite the persistent offshore flow of arctic air, ice is struggling for a couple of reasons. Polynyas are opening along the coast between Naknek and Nushagak as well as between Togiak and the tip of the Nushagak Peninsula. These winds are also pushing thicker sea ice further away, causing some to melt in the warmer waters further out in Bristol Bay. The thickest ice is residing around Hagemeister Island and also from Egegik through the Nushagak Peninsula. The air mass will moderate a little over the next few days along with a decrease in winds light southerly winds toward midweek should push ice closer to the coast closing up the plane is looking toward the end of the week. A much warmer air mass and stronger easterly winds will move over the area which will get us back into a melting pattern for ice. I'm Michael with the Alaska Sea Ice Program. Thank you for listening