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Public Safety

Dillingham police respond to three separate car incidents; a crash, a fire, and a theft

Dillingham Police Car
Brian Venua

A car crash, a car fire, and a car theft took place in Dillingham on Tuesday and Wednesday. All three were separate and unrelated incidents. Dillingham Police Sgt. Craig Maines said no injuries were reported.

Officers responded Tuesday night to a report that a vehicle had rolled over on Sq__ Creek Road. When they arrived, they found a tipped vehicle, but no one was at the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

A vehicle caught fire while someone was driving around 9 p.m. on Wednesday. The driver noticed smoke, and then fire from their engine as they pulled over. Dillingham Fire Department responded to the fire and got it under control. Police suspect vehicle malfunction caused the fire.

Also on Wednesday, Dillingham police responded to a reported car theft. Police said they contacted Crystal Noden, 39, during the investigation. According to Sgt. Maines, Noden hit another car while attempting to flee from officers before she was arrested.

Police charged Noden with one felony count vehicle theft, as well as five misdemeanors, including driving under the influence and reckless driving. A pre-indictment hearing is scheduled for June 13 in Dillingham.

Sgt. Maines reminds people in the area that basic safety precautions are the first deterrent for thefts.

“I would just remind people like your cars, don't leave your keys inside of the car. Don't leave nothing important inside the car," said Maines. "It's not like it used to be. We've got to keep our stuff locked down.”

Anyone who suspects a theft or has public safety concerns can contact the Dillingham Police at (907) 842-5354.

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