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Bristol Bay and Beyond, hosted by KDLG News Director Dave Bendinger, is our weekly newsmagazine with stories, conversations, and an occasional poem, essay, or song.

It's your home for a recap of the week's news and feature stories from Bristol Bay (and beyond). We love getting your ideas for stories or conversations you'd like to hear!

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Bristol Bay and Beyond: June 16, 2017

Jun 16, 2017
Sarah Grace Durrance

An hour long show as we transition from this show to the Bristol Bay Fisheries Report. This week with Robin Samuelsen, Dr. Scott Raborn, Robert "Herk" McDermott, and Buck Gibbons talk fish, plus Unicorn Gardens and U Pop Em fireworks, and the challenges and benefits of installing RSW on a drift boat.

Bristol Bay and Beyond: June 9, 2017

Jun 9, 2017
Sarah Grace Durrance

Tim Sands will open the Igushik to set netting Monday, FRI is continuing their seven decades of research, Igiugig is saving their Yup'ik language, Fish Expo is underway, and voices from the boatyards.

Bristol Bay and Beyond: June 2, 2017

Jun 3, 2017
Sarah Grace Durrance

Peter Pan's not canning in Dillingham this season, plus Narcan is available now, Frank Woods has a tender side, honey bees and their keepers, and the author of "We Ask Your Blessings" joins to discuss the song that seeks blessing for the fleet.

Bristol Bay and Beyond: May 19, 2017

May 20, 2017

Andy Wink breaks down the salmon market, a halibut and cod fishery is underway, scientists are tagging Aleutian terns, a visit to the DES science fair, and the Tanalian HS choir sings "Emerald Stream."

Bristol Bay and Beyond: May 12, 2017

May 12, 2017

This week, an update on a deal between EPA and Pebble. Graduating seniors share thoughts through poetry and prose, we profile a local entrepreneur, and a young man shares his story of addiction and recovery. 

Bristol Bay and Beyond: May 5, 2017

May 5, 2017

An update as Togiak seiners near their quota, Pebble CEO Tom Collier on proposed advisory committee and coming plans, a visit to Igiugig's "Goose Camp", new Magistrate Tonya O'Connor, and backstage at Annie.

Bristol Bay and Beyond: April 28, 2017

Apr 28, 2017

On this week's show, we sit down with outgoing Dillingham city manager Rose Loera, remember elder Raymond Conquest, visit the Yup'ik language and culture class, profile an NYO state champ and more.

Bristol Bay and Beyond: April 21, 2017

Apr 21, 2017
Sarah Grace Durrance

This week, Rep. Bryce Edgmon joins us in studio for an update, The Nature Conservancy has water rights at Lower Talarik Creek, a look at Dillingham's landfill challenges, and kids get sciencey ahead of Earth Day.

Bristol Bay and Beyond, April 14, 2017

Apr 17, 2017
Sarah Grace Durrance

This week we follow up on the Togiak banishment case with commentary from John Skidmore, the state's DOL Criminal Division director, and author and attorney Daniel Craig Mitchell. Plus, a recap of the Athletic and Academic meet in Newhalen, stories from the European travels of some Dillingham high schoolers, and local pastors share about the reason for the Easter season.

Bristol Bay and Beyond, April 7, 2017

Apr 17, 2017
Sarah Grace Durrance

We unravel the case of a Togiak banishment, visit with some junior chess masters in Dillingham, and go looking for early spring rainbows on the Naknek River.

Bristol Bay and Beyond, Mar. 31, 2017

Mar 31, 2017

As March goes out more lion than lamb, we discuss the feasibility of a Dillingham - Manokotak road, get a preview of the coming Togiak herring season, and a look behind the scenes at Bristol Bay 4-H ballet.

Bristol Bay and Beyond, Mar. 24, 2017

Mar 24, 2017
Sarah Grace Durrance

Gov. Bill Walker drops by this week. Plus we have Sharon Hansen of the champion Lady Angels, and Tanalian's Moriyah Lorentzen from this year's Poetry Out Loud. Plus a profile of the homeschooling life.

Bristol Bay and Beyond, Mar. 17, 2017

Mar 17, 2017
Sarah Grace Durrance

Speaker Edgmon on that budget, Dr. Jyll Green shares about Vivitrol, Craig Medred opines on Iditarod race(s), we hit the road with Dr. Dan, and an average day bird watching beats any day in the office.

Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 24, 2017

Feb 24, 2017
Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.

This week, Dillingham's mayor discusses the deficit, a biologist updates on the missing ptarmigan, we profile Dr. Barbara Riley, and get a Beaver Round-Up preview and reflections on its theme song's origin.

Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 17, 2017

Feb 18, 2017

This week, Rep. Neal Foster on House Finance plan to fix state economy. Plus, Newhalen's Bob Rychnovsky on coaching and chacter, Dr. Cathy Hyndman on protecting one's head, teen love stories, and Penguin dip.