Plans to Saturate the Airwaves with an Ad Opposing the Pebble Mine

Mar 11, 2014

A veterans group plans to saturate the television airwaves of Alaska for the next 7-days with an ad opposing the proposed Pebble Mine. is spending $100-thousand dollars on the ad buy.

The ad they will be running features Iraq War veteran Random Reamey from Dillingham. He claims the proposed Pebble Mine would damage the salmon resource in Bristol Bay and put thousands of jobs in danger. The ad has actually run previously but is re-releasing the ad in the wake of last month’s decision by the EPA to begin a public process that could ultimately result in stopping development of the mine even before the developers file for permits. The EPA decided to start the 404-C process after conducting a watershed assessment that documented the potential damage from a large mine north of Lake Iliamna. has been on record opposing the Pebble Mine and they collected around 25-thousand signatures for a petition calling for the EPA to step in and use its veto authority under the Clean Water Act to stop the mine. was founded in 2006.