Update: Internet restored to Nushagak Co-op service area Friday evening

Aug 27, 2021

The microwave tower in Levelock.
Credit Courtesy of Bob Himschoot

Nushagak Cooperative members were without internet for two days. The outage ended on Friday evening. 

Update: Internet was restored to Nushagak Cooperative's service area on Friday evening. 

Original article:

Nushagak Cooperative members have been without internet since Wednesday night. That outage could end as early as tonight, as technicians continue to work on broken fiber cable lines, according to multiple updates from the co-op’s Facebook page.

Technicians discovered 500 feet of broken cable line at the Levelock tower yesterday. When they started to repair the line, Tthe equipment used to dig up the line broke as well, and they were unable to finish the repair. According to the co-op’s latest update, technicians are now “digging by hand” to finish work.

Once internet is restored, the co-op will give service members two free bit buckets, or 60 gigs of internet to use before the month ends. Crews will continue to work until the internet is restored.

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