Salvaged: M/V Challenger, barge, and scrapped cars hauled out of Nushagak River

Sep 1, 2015

Vitus Marine's Jackie M towed the package of previously sunk vessels downriver to Dillingham Monday.

The Challenger, which sat overturned and sunk in the Nushagak for two weeks, sat on Scandinavian Beach Tuesday, waiting for high tide to be dragged further up.
Credit KDLG

Just three weeks and a day after the vessel Challenger, its barge, and a load of scrapped cars sunk in the Nushagak River, Vitus Marine had them all safely hauled out in Dillingham. The company says the salvage went faster and smoother than expected. KDLG’s Dave Bendinger has more.

Barge 1 and the load of scrapped cars are resting on dry ground at Scandinavian Beach in Dillingham. All 18 cars and the barge were sunk for three weeks in the Nushagak River near the Kokwok outlet.
Credit KDLG