Reece Johnson, 23, pleads guilty to assaulting law enforcement

Sep 10, 2018

Johnson will serve 18-months in jail for assaulting an Alaska State Trooper and two Dillingham police officers.

Reece Johnson, 23, addresses Judge Christina Reigh in Dillingham Court.
Credit Avery Lill/KDLG

Reece Johnson took a plea deal on Friday. The 23-year-old Dillingham man pleaded guilty to assaulting three law enforcement officers in November of last year.

The officers were taking Johnson into custody for allegedly assaulting a man in Manokotak, but he resisted arrest. Johnson was high on meth, and in the ensuing brawl, he punched a trooper and a police officer. He bit the trooper and the police chief, and he smashed the police chief’s hand in the door.

In return for the guilty plea, the state agreed to dismiss three felony assault charges related to the alleged assault in Manokotak and to consolidate the attack on the officers to one class C felony assault charge.

At his arraignment in November, Johnson verbally abusive and hurled obscenities. At Friday’s hearing he was calm and alert. He told Judge Christina Reigh that he would plead guilty to the felony charge but insisted he did not assault the officers.

“I’m just pleading out because by that action I conclude that I didn’t assault these men, and I just feel I wouldn’t have a fair trial because they are going to believe an officer over me,” said Johnson.

Judge Reigh confirmed with Johnson that he had he was choosing to plead guilty, and Johnson agreed.

“And I find that you’ve consulted with your attorney and you’ve made your decision based on your consultation with your attorney,” Reigh added.

Johnson was sentenced to 18 months of active jail time with credit for the time he has served in custody since his November arrest. He also faces three years of probation after he is released and 12 months of suspended jail time if he violates probation.

By pleading guilty in this case, he is also admitting to violating terms of his probation in a separate gun theft case. For that violation he received another 12 months of suspended jail time.

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